lördag, augusti 09, 2008

A Method of Escape: Cabin Weekend

If you're looking for a political screed, you've come to the wrong blog. We're getting the hell out of here for 24 hours. Time for a visit to the cabin, take in a little lakeside air, drink some tea--we're even leaving the wine in St. Paul--and enjoy a little fireside chat.

And we're going to live like the beasts of the forest (the people, that is): we're going to grill our dinner.

Corn on the cob, bell peppers, zucchini, walleye (grilled over fennel stalks and brushed with chive/rosemary butter), and some other things, I think.

Sunday morning will bring a trip to Katty Shack, where they serve the best and biggest pancake I've ever encountered.

Super tasty weekend.

And who knows? That casino in Turtle Lake is on the way home. I've got a $20 bill in my pocket and it's calling to the Loch Ness game. See you on Millionaire's Row!


Blogger Claire said...

Hope you have a super time!


1:40 em  
Blogger Lollie said...

I imagine you are devouring the Katty Cake as I type. Was it good?

7:59 fm  
Blogger melko said...


Haven't spoken to you in forever but I hope you are doing great. I love your blog!


6:53 em  
Blogger melko said...

Oh! and my sister lives in Saint Paul. Maybe the next time we visit we could see each other.

6:55 em  
Anonymous Mike said...

You alive? Just doin' some links cleanin' over the the resurrected Belly.

8:30 fm  

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