fredag, augusti 01, 2008

The Life of Us

Over at the Country Mouse Tales, Claire posted an entry the other day in which she recognized some things she really likes about other blogs. That's something I ought to do more of. I'm certainly reading around enough.

Today I want to note how much of a joy it is to read The Life of much of it as I convince myself I understand. It's in Danish, and I've done a little study with the language. And there are enough similarities to the small amount of Swedish I know that I can puzzle out some things. When in doubt, and when dictionaries fail me, I turn to GramTrans for help.

The primary writer, Kathrine, used to do the Copenhagen Photo Blog and wrote in English. It was part of that photo-a-day ring from cities all over the world. She took wonderful shots. She still does, only now she uses them primarily on her family blog.

Kathrine and husband Mikkel (a musician) provide plenty of beautiful images from around the city and a number of short videos of their interactions with the real stars of the site: their young sons August and Alfred.

For my own druthers, it's rather nice to have the opportunity to listen to Danish. And Katharine's writing style is quite spirited (so far as I translate it!).

Her images of the city inspire me.

Copenhagen is one of the main cities of my heart. I've been there twice and know I'll go again. In the meantime, I've got The Life of Us to tide me over.

I recommend the images/entries here ("A Summer's Day in Copenhagen"), here ("Nyhavn," named for the neighborhood and canal) and here (because that hoodie rocks).


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