tisdag, mars 18, 2008

Awe and Agony


JPMorgan has offered $236 million for Bear Stearns, a firm that a year ago traded for roughly $150/share. JP's offer was for $2/share. And it may be a good offer.

The Yankees paid $275 million for a 10-year contract with Alex Rodriguez.


I really need a more business-oriented phone. The cost is tough to swallow, but it's necessary and is a write-off next year.

But I can't decide whether to go with the Blackberry or the iPhone, the latter of which is not only cool outside of business but is adapting to become a more competitive phone to RIM's Blackberry.



Anonymous Anonym said...

iPhone! You know it's what you want.

your roomie

11:54 fm  
Blogger Mike said...

It's true. You know you want an iPhone.

8:14 em  
Anonymous Lewis said...

Alright cK, I'm back among the living. Stop fretting about A-Rod and accept that the Yanks broke him and his agent. Yesm is sickening that 275 mill is cheap, but, y'know, for that dude, it is. And, more importantly, that they have as many folks from their farm system--if not more--on the roster as any other team. they can just afford to keep 'em.

Aside from that, how's it going?

8:48 em  
Blogger Claire said...

It's got to be the iPhone, surely?


8:32 fm  
Blogger Joy said...

ugh all around. ugh to the meltdown of the greedy on wall street, ugh to overpaid athletes, ugh to overhyped phones and their proselytizers.

1:41 fm  

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