torsdag, augusti 07, 2008

Bad Medicine

Dairy Queen is donating the proceeds from all sales of its popular Blizzard product today to Children's Miracle Network. They call it Miracle Treat Day.

Yes, it's a nice idea. But isn't it a bit strange to tag a medical research donation to such an unhealthy product? "Welcome to Dairy Queen! Enjoy your diabetes." Very few of even the small Blizzards fall below 600 calories. Yes, you can survive it, but you know exactly why they want you there today: like meth, you'll be hooked.

You already are hooked. It's encoded in your DNA. Resist!


I found myself in a similar dilemma yesterday when at Target to buy some printer paper. There was a green-wrapped HP pack with a 50 cents-higher price. I had thought maybe that meant some post-consumer recycled content.

Alas: no.

Target does not carry that product from HP. At least, last night it didn't. Maybe HP doesn't even manufacture that product. (I don't recall what brand I've bought at OfficeMax. All I know is I was about out and needed more.) Turns out: HP slaps on green packaging, increases the price 12.5%, but donates 20% of profit on the product to the Arbor Day Foundation.

I did not like the one post-consumer recycled content paper they had on the shelf so decided in the end to go with the wasteful product that partially funds a good organization.

I might as well load up at the DQ, it seems. Perhaps resistance is futile?


Blogger Claire said...

I have a friend who thinks Pringles are laced with crack.


10:03 fm  
Blogger Mike said...

I'm so excited that you're back to blogging again.

If Flan hadn't made blueberry pie tonight, I bet we would have taken one for the children and eaten blizzards tonight. But really, when there's pie available it's just not a competition.

Hope to see you at the Rest tomorrow with the knitters!

8:16 em  
Blogger Joy said...

There is a knock-off brand of fake Pringles in eastern Europe that is actually called Krax or Krak or something like that.

I've also noticed that green colored packaging seems to be increasingly used to make one think that a product is environmentally more virtuous when it's really not at all.

11:26 em  
Anonymous Anonym said...

If Pringles are laced with crack, then there's heroine in Doritos!


11:36 fm  

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