torsdag, mars 13, 2008


Man is it nice out! Sunny, about 50 degrees. The sun coming through the window is almost intolerable, it feels so warm after winter.

Still, I can't help but post this frosty clip (as have so many other bloggers) in which Dick Cheney spells out in a 1994 interview all the reasons the first President Bush's Iraq War could NOT go into Baghdad. His exact words: "It's a quagmire." Everything he predicted would happen then happened with Bush II: the Revenge.

So if Dick is the most powerful vice president in history--and it really has seemed that way--what the hell has he actually been doing if not advising the president? Or did he just lose it over time the way chess masters and scientists and sports coaches are depicted doing in the movies during their twilight years?

And because one needs release, I pass along to you the Christopher Walken stare page that Johnny G. sent to me today.

By the way, that Walken page has sound to it: Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata." I highly recommend opening two windows, starting the Walken page (for the sound) then clicking back to this window and playing the Cheney clip. "Moonlight Sonata" is a brilliant soundtrack to Cheney's words.


Blogger Sassmaster said...

Dude! One of the prepress guys at work has that Walken pic blown up poster side and hung on the side of his cube. An effective repellent.

7:46 em  

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