fredag, oktober 05, 2007

Oh, Dear Me

This article in The Local, Sweden's English-language newspaper, is quite alarming. Looks like the Hotel van Belle just got knocked down a few stars for its Travelocity rating! Where's that gnome when you need him? From the article:
"There were faeces on the carpet, on the toilet door, on the external door, on the chair and on the wall," receptionist Rashid bin Hach told Expressen.
And the guests were political reps! Oh, dear me, SDP.

ALSO: A late-night host threw up on live tv...and kept the show going! That takes skill. It's an interesting video.

And finally: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, tK!



Blogger Lollie said...

tK - eat cake!

Sincerely, Marie Antoinette.

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