torsdag, oktober 04, 2007

A Thing I Wonder

Is that toilet wired?

Not that I'm wandering about in gold chains and track suits, but: Will growing environmentalism reduce interest in gold jewelry? If even frequent meat-eaters turn away from veal because of the way the animal is treated or avoid factory farm eggs for similar reasons, will people avoid gold jewelry if they know how cyanide is used to retrieve the gold from rock?

One year at a conference in Texas I asked a South American engineer about gold mining in Chile. He'd worked at a site around which birds had stop coming. For a 10-mile radius.

It was a mining site his company had been called in to fix.


Anonymous dharma bum said...

A wonderful essay about fighting cyanide gold mining in Montana by one of my favorite authors, David James Duncan ('The River Why,' 'The Brothers K').

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Blogger Missy said...

cK! You're back! Mama Carlson told me yesterday and I couldn't be more thrilled that you've decided to share your thoughts and adventures with us once more. I need to get on the ball with my blog, it came to a screeching hault over the summer...

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Blogger cK said...

Dharma: I thought you would have haikued your answer! Interesting essay, indeed. Thanks for that.

Missy: Blog blog blog! If anything, I need a Hye Pockets / Prior Avenue update. Plus, you really ought to post some more photography...or maybe you can push some buttons with more photoshopped work? Happy days!


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Anonymous Sara said...

I didn't know that. And so now I must promptly attack Wikipedia. Thanks for the fact.

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