torsdag, oktober 04, 2007

What a DAYS!

I had the tv on mute as I worked through lunch on Wednesday, but I looked up every now and then for the simple joy of what was occurring on Days of Our Lives. (Does one really need the dialouge?) Here goes:

* For most of the episode, Steve Johnson (aka "Patch") held a gun to supervillain Stefano's head...on LIVE tv. All the residents of Salem were watching this news broadcast. At least, all those who weren't tied up.

* Elsewhere, Tony (Stefano's evil son) had tied up Detective Roman Brady and had strapped explosives to his chest AND was holding a gun to his head. If anything happened to Stefano it would go bad for Roman; and vice-versa.

* Elsewhere, the occasionally evil but currently good Sami (who also hosts NBC's Biggest Loser) was tied up with EJ Wells, also one who floats between evil and good. I believe the two of them are "star-crossed," in that they must marry or something like that (perhaps simple consummation will do) to break a curse that keeps their families in perpetual conflict...that curse going back many generations to a love feud involving, it seems, a nun.

* And when the episode ended, somehow Tony had a gun to Hope Brady's head. Hope is the wife of Detective Bo Brady, who is brother of Detective Roman Brady. Bo had earlier had his gun and was telling Patch he was going to arrest him (no matter how much he might like to see Stefano take some lead).

Now that's good tv!