torsdag, september 27, 2007

The New Fall Season

Though you haven't been aching for it, friends, alas: I have returned! In that am I like General MacArthur or a cold sore or Heroes? Some quick hits to get back into it:

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

* Four weekends at the cabin
* One glorious week in Stockholm
* Grilled out as much as possible with the Muse
* Laughed a lot

What I'm Doing These Days

* Taking Swedish classes
* Taking on more work than I can sensibly manage, at lest from a stress perspective
* Wondering how on earth the Muse puts up with me
* Laughing a lot

And, though this is such an incomplete and brief opening gambit, I'm really quite happy to be back writing online. The hiatus provided a wonderful recharge of the batteries, new fall shows are on, and I'm in a serious Bergman film-watching and reading phase.

More soon.


Blogger Lollie said...

Shazaaaaaw he has returned! So excited to add you back to my blog list! I'm going there now to add you - screw work!

Word Verification: VMMWUU !!

11:43 fm  
Blogger cK said...

Awww. You put cute pants in your photo just for me, didn't you.

You mom wrote to tell me that we're making t-shirts reading, "Life is too long NOT to drink!" She's a peach.

12:00 em  
Blogger hmmmmm said...

My smile just got wider! Welcome back precious cK!! Looking forward to your musings and photos. :)

word verification: puqix

.. as in "puqix hair"

12:18 em  
Blogger Night Editor said...

Good thing. I was just thinking how nice it would be to read you online again! Glad you had some rejuv time. Happy writing.

Word verification: NNMGD as in "Net News Means Good Days [ahead]"

p.s. The Sass and I had a drink at Merlins last night. I'm happy they had Laphroig.

2:26 em  
Blogger Mike said...

Cheers to your new blog, and welcome back!

8:15 em  
Blogger j said...

oh hurrah! law school life needs a ck diversion.

10:54 em  
Blogger cK said...

Thanks for the kind words, Heather, Night Editor, Ringo and Jana. You are all sweet souls.

5:11 fm  
Anonymous Sara said...

AHHHH, you're here... *sobs happily*

3:56 em  
Anonymous Old #601 said...

Hooray!!! So glad to see you blogging again!

7:09 fm  
Anonymous dharma bum said...

Good to have you back, friend.

1:48 em  

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