lördag, september 29, 2007

Cooking Today

I'm cooking today with the Muse. Things that need to get done: veggie chili, an onion confit, some roasted vegetables, buffalo steaks on the grill, and a pan-roast of fennel, parsnips, carrots, cherry tomatoes and onion cooked with white wine and thyme. Mmmmm.

Note: Not all of this will be for one meal!

We visited the Farmer's Market this morning. Man that was nice. Good coffee, some bagel sandwiches--ham & cheddar for me, lox and cream cheese for her--and a very relaxed crowd. Lots of festive autumn wreathes and a market teeming with late season harvest. If only I knew what to do with a basket of 10 or 12 red bell peppers! A couple vendors were selling them for $4.

Will post photos and recipes from this weekends cooking.

And I hope to put up a photo or two from the tK and Hope's "Home-toberfest" gathering on Sunday. It's a new house!

Happy days, all. Please enjoy your Saturday.


Blogger j said...

i am addicted to the farmers market. today i bought pears, beets, fresh bread, and an acorn squash.

your foodstuffs sound lovely.

10:26 fm  
Blogger Lollie said...

I am cooking in Brooklyn this time - I need to use all the fab crap the owner left for us to play with. Maybe our park will have a Farmer's Market this weekend...yum!

Buffalo Steaks? Did you mean tomato? I don't see you as a buffalo guy.

5:51 em  

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