måndag, oktober 08, 2007


Note to self: Pack anti-bacterial
soap, and maybe a Hazmat suit.

My brother the tK and his wife, Hope, spent the past weekend in the Fargo - Moorehead megaopolis that straddles the North Dakota-Minnesota border. And somewhere in that Beyond Thunderdome-like zone between Minneapolis and Fargo they found the unfortunately named Middle Spunk Rest Area.


Curse these lungs! Cough cough cough. Cough cough COUGH. So finally I went to see Dr. Wolf and got a prize for my visit: free antibiotics! They're weird, though. It's a powder dose that I have to mix with water. He advised me to take it in two sessions rather than in one fell swoop. "Most people seem to get sick to their stomach," he said. "When they try to do it as the packaging tells them to," he added.

Then it was off to the pharmacy for bronchial stuff.

On the plus side: my blood pressure was good (102 / 74) and my heartrate, despite my huffing and wheezing, remained under 70.

"You're awfully calm," Sonya the Nurse said.

"Shouldn't I be?" I asked.

"I suppose," she said. "This probably isn't a day we'd be mean to you."

And then, aptly enough, we talked about Invasion of the Body Snatchers. She'd just seen the old Donald Sutherland version.


Blogger j said...

spunk? really? this business made me giggle uncontrollably in the library. damn you, ck.

11:07 fm  
Blogger cK said...

True story. That has NOT been photoshopped.

The library? Nerd.

11:15 fm  
Blogger Night Editor said...

In Ireland they're called lay-bys. Huh. This one gives new meaning to "Scenic Overlook."

11:24 fm  
Anonymous Joy said...

My favorite is the Dick Bong Recreation Area up north on Highway 2 (I believe) not far south of Superior. There's also a Dick Bong park/rest stop/rec area/or something just as you drive into Wisconsin coming northwest on I-94 from Chicago. The beautiful part is that the exit for Dick Bong is the same as that for the Mars Cheese Castle, and they are announced on the same notice board.

Speaking (sort of) of such things, what HAS possessed the British to create a foodstuff (using that term loosely) known as faggots? And what possessed the management of my hotel restaurant to take the asparagus-mushroom-pepper stir fry off the menu and replace it with "cranberry and nut roast, accompanied by red cabbage sauerkraut"? Needless to say, faggots were on the menu, are on the menu, and likely ever shall be on the menu, world without end, amen.

11:57 fm  
Blogger cK said...

Hey, Joy. I guess I now know how your time in England is going! Hmmm. Maybe there's a vending machine? Or perhaps the items in there are even more bizarre?

12:09 em  
Anonymous joy said...

There's a vending machine at work, and it's scary, too. The candy and chips are not too disturbing (just fatty and bad for you), but the sandwiches and the "curry"...

I like the British, and my time in England is actually going fairly well, but it's a bit rich when they slag American food.

1:37 em  
Blogger Mike said...

There's also a bluegrass band called "The Middle Spunk Creek Boys." I can't add to that story.

5:50 em  

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