torsdag, mars 06, 2008

In Which I Crib Farah's Hair

I don't have any comments about Farah Fawcett then or now. But when abruptly it became clear that my hair had grown too long, and, more importantly, that I'd been wearing a knit cap too long--a serious hair problem in the northern Midwest--the Muse and I discovered my hair had flipped out.

By which I mean developed a Charlie's Angels-like flip. See Farah. See me.

Unlike my fellow (female) citizens, I do not need to use hair curler trickery to achieve this look. It is simply my natural hair. Despise it, laugh at it, envy it, friends. But I found this Yahoo! Answers exchange about achieving Farah's hair to be comical. I quote without permission:
We used to get that look by taking a curling iron to the front sides of the hair. You curl holding the iron vertical, and then curl away from the face instead of toward the face. Start practicing now, because this is a look that just doesn't happen on the very first try.
Sisters, some of us are just born with the gift.

So. I did get a haircut today. The benefits of going to the same joint for many years pays off! I called this morning and got an appointment with the salon owner. She cut her grocery shopping short to take care of my shaggy head. She's a peach, that Stephanie.

But before I chopped off what was rapidly transforming itself into "hockey hair," the Muse and I had a bit of hair fun:

And because the real star of the show is Charlie's Angels, I leave you with a filched photo: Bikinis, Jodhpurs, Tennis Getups (???) and Buddhist poses. Pop culture was, I have to say, so much cooler when it could be embraced without all the self-awareness of today.


Blogger Mike said...

There's a lot to be said for some hockey hair. You should have gone for the Ryan Smyth look:

5:21 fm  
Blogger cK said...

I was on my way, most definitely.

5:34 fm  
Blogger You can call me Heather said...

If you were a Spice Girl, you'd be "Cool Spice"!

1:39 em  
Blogger Claire said...

cK with pigtails! Love it!


11:20 fm  

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