tisdag, mars 04, 2008

Dominoes and Bosse's Bad Day

Last night I played my first hands of dominoes. I very much enjoyed it. And being that I have a terrible memory for how to play games--particularly cards--it was a welcomed scenario to find one need only match a domino to one end or the other of the numbers being played.

I had, as they say, beginner's luck. I won two of the three frames we played (each frame concluding when one player wins three hands) and overall 7 of the 15 hands.

Dominoes is now my game...until, that is, I forget how to play it; which should be somewhere around 8 pm tonight.


The Nya Mål textbook we use in my weekly Swedish class follows the lives of people living in the same building (Granvägan 4, Stockholm). We follow the Åberg family (Jonas, Ellen, Emil and Klara), Bosse Palmgren, Hassan and Linda, Lisa, etc.

Hassan and Linda are expecting a child but are not married, and increasingly Hassan is nervous and irritable. Jonas doesn't help enough around the house. Emil sleeps too much and is late for class. Ellen is stressed out. Lisa dreams of a real acting job; she's sick of commercials. And poor Bosse must work at night. He drives a taxi, is divorced, and lives in a small place that his three kids come to stay in every so many weekends.

Bosse wants a day job. He needs more money. He would love to be in a relationship again.

And this morning, I had Jonas run him over with a car.

We were practicing the use of the word som, which means which and who. We'd just read a conversation in which Jonas (a painter) meets up with some buddies, has a few beers, calls for a cab, and it turns out that Bosse is the driver. So they have a chat on the way home and get to know one another.

I try to turn this into my example sentence. And since I sit up next to the instructor, I'm the first to go most lessons. I lead the class into darkness:

Jonas åker sedan taxi, som kör på Bosse.

I intended that to mean, "Jonas goes by taxi, which is driven by Bosse." What it essentially means is "Jonas drives a taxi into Bosse." Poor bastard.

CORRECTED SENTENCE: Jonas åker i taxi som Bosse kör.

I wasn't too sharp today. Alas, we've a three-week break now around Easter and will resume March 25. I hope to locate my brain in the meantime.

Glad påsk!


Blogger j said...

may i recommend the slightly more complicated, yet delightful (though un-pc titled) mexican train dominoes. they go wonderfully with classic rock on vinyl, local brew, and good friends.

1:41 em  
Anonymous Chris said...

This is my very positive feedback about the story of Bosse. If there were a Swedish version of Belle and Sebastian (lord, let there be one!), Bosse would be one of those recurring characters that pop up in their songs.

4:44 em  

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