fredag, februari 22, 2008

Min katt är trött, min svenska är sonder

Where ya been!? Running about like a chicken with my head cut off. The Muse has moved in so we're living out of many boxes, taxes have been sorted out (almost), weather has been brutal, but all in all life is grand.

I must get back to the blog! Enough of this feeling overwhelmed. I've got the energy again...but the cat doesn't have it.

As the title makes known (in questionable Swedish), "My cat is tired, my Swedish is broken."

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Blogger Lollie said...

For one minute second, the cat looks at you like "If I had the energy, I'd jump up and eat your face."

Alas, kitty was too tired and merely licked her chops at the thought of your delicious flesh.

1:28 em  
Blogger Lollie said...

Oh, and if you're sincerely back for reals, I'll put you back on my blog list. It was getting depressing visiting and seeing you not there. Glad you're back!!

1:29 em  
Blogger You can call me Heather said...

Hey!! You're back!
It's amazing what you think you can't live without until you find it in a moving box one year later.
It looks like Erin's cat went to the same school of etiquette Ty's cats did where it's okay to claim the bed of "The One Who Feeds Me".
Thanks for the guestbook signing on our weddingwebpage! It made me smile! :)

2:03 em  
Blogger cK said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Lol and Heather. And, yes, I'm back! Don't make a big deal about it, though. One never knows when life will mow one under, you know?

But my emails have gotten more outrageously strange so it's clear I have too much to say and should pour some of that energy back into blogging.


4:36 em  
Blogger Sara Lynn said...

WONDERFUL! Your voice is so cool and Swedish is wonderful to listen to.

4:47 em  

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