onsdag, januari 02, 2008


I'm am on my third pot of Winter Spice tea today. I recommend you acquire some too from the Tea Source. (The store was profiled on NPR's Splendid Table back in 2005.)

That is all.


Anonymous tk said...

The Winter Spice is excellent, as I am discovering. I admit to being skeptical when you gave me some for Christmas. I'm usually a tea purist and prefer straight tea leaves with no mixing (such as is the case with Green Dragon Oolong, my favorite). But the Winter Spice is terrific. Good black tea with a mellow sweetness. It doesn't get much better.

1:51 em  
Blogger Night Editor said...

I'm editing at home today and am on my second mug of Rooibos, also from Waddington's Tea Source, with "berry bluebarb jam" on Saltines, many of them. It's that kind of day. I'll have to try the Winter Spice.

2:15 em  

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