onsdag, januari 02, 2008


This country's homophobia is grotesque, true. But here's what's rolling about my brain:

* New Hampshire became the fourth state to allow same-sex civil unions.

* This doesn't mean it will stick, of course. It just means that NH is the fourth state to give the go ahead until an ultra-conservative judge (of which we have an unfortunate number) decides that "judge-made" law is acceptable when it reverses civil rights. How they usually say this is by establishing a moratorium so that the state may "review" the law as written.

* Obviously, same-sex civil unions are intended for homosexuals of the same sex.

* But what if two homosexuals of opposing genders sought a marriage? Would they be forced to accept the lower tier civil union simply because they are openly gay? Or would they be granted full recognition under the law simply because one partner had boy parts and the other girl parts?

* Could two gay couples, one female-female, the other male-male, inter-marry (thus becoming traditional man-woman marriages), share a house, and, through independent contracts, transfer power of attorney and such to their true partner (who is for official purposes part of the other marriage), etc.

I'm not saying anything new here, of course; I'm just amused by it all. The furious opposition to these things. It's a horse pill dose of black comedy, day after day. We're such an embarrassing country. (Arguably, we've always been this way.) The endless need for state-sponsored prejudice. All that red-faced talk radio. The Atkins diet. (Remember that? See ya later, suckas!)

We're the worlds teenagers.


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I love your mind - seriously.

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