torsdag, december 06, 2007

Please Show Your Education

My sister and her husband photographed the following signs in bathrooms in Mexico back in February. Please Show Your Education is, I think, a sign relevant for most locations!



Anonymous TK said...

I need the "Please Show Your Education" sign for my office door. That could come in handy whenever students make statements such as, "I graduated in May but still had two classes to finish up." Umm, then you didn't graduate. Please show your education.

10:22 fm  
Blogger cK said...

You might have a little fun with them, tK, and use a technicality response like, "Well, you didn't actually graduate, but you are now an alumnus."

Crickets. In the distance, a dog barks.

10:31 fm  
Blogger Lollie said...

I want to take those signs and modify them a wee bit to read "Please show you're a Human Being" and parade in front of Capitol Hill.

12:46 em  
Blogger cK said...

You're assuming they can read....Oh, snap!

1:37 em  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Obviously poorly translated by the maker of the sign. In this case, the Spanish word "educación" means "manners", so the sign could loosely be translated as "Please mind your manners" or "Please be courteous."

5:43 em  

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