onsdag, oktober 24, 2007


Found via Laser Hands: Lyndard Skinner as
a Second Language (LSSL). This is
apparently a rather poor student.
Occasionally I find it amusing simply to type terms into Google and see where they lead. My friend John tends to do this, or says he does. One never knows how he really stumbled upon the things he stumbles upon--or maybe he searches them outright?

Either way, odd flotsam from the web arrives in my inbox with a cryptic note from him reading, for example, "I found this by typing laser hands into Google."

Today I typed hopeless into Google Images and found...

* This odd bit of fantasy art depicting a bluescape with nude woman on a seaside rock watching, with apparent irritation (to judge by the "there he goes again" position of her hand), a killer whale attempting the Fosberry flop.

* A rather clever Nat Turner-ish chess image

* A French site with a hideous band photo. Thank god the image is cropped!

* And, of course, the image that hangs on my girlfriend's bedroom wall! (As in hopeless romantic, hello.)



Blogger Night Editor said...

Nice! When I type in "Hopeless Minnesota" the first image I get is of the Minnesota Vikings. (Vintage Eller, but still.)

8:01 fm  
Blogger cK said...

That rocks! (Because it's true, sadly.)

9:43 fm  
Blogger Annie said...

hey what about my hideous pic from Billy Hopeless from the Black Halos, a fantastic sincere rocker !!!
you could listen to the podcast and you will appreciate that man better..:)
Annie from Meltingpod

1:02 fm  

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